With shootings erupting in small towns and big cities across America, and children bullying each other to the brink of suicide, the U.S. has reached a tipping point on the issue of violence.
From the movies and videogames we watch to the language we use, we choose to make violence and to be a part of our everyday lives. With every harsh word that we utter, and with every act of aggression, we spread unhappiness and pain.
Nonviolence: No Higher Calling (NONVIO), is a bold movement launched by the Art of Living Foundation (AOL), committed to counteracting the 10 million acts of violence perpetrated in the US every year. We do not propose to accomplish this through legislation, rhetoric, or the use of more sedatives and tranquilizers, but with the most powerful force on the planet: the love and conscience of an awakened people. With NONVIO we are turning outrage into action.
This campaign is designed to enable people to participate wherever they are in the country. We are asking people to commit to 100 acts of nonviolence for every major act of violence reported in the US.
Our goal is to reach one billion acts of nonviolence

It is the need of the time to not only choose nonviolence, but to instill pride in it. We seek to make nonviolence “cool,” especially among our youth, and see this reflected in the activities they are choosing, the words they are speaking, and in the way they relate to themselves and others.
We are offering a new vision of peace, where bullies are no longer looked up to, and where walking away from a fight is admired. We envision a society where objectifying women is no longer tolerated; and our sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends and daughters are honored. We see a way of life in which mind-altering substances are not needed in order to have a good time or to feel comfortable in our own skin. In our vision, safety and security will not be defined by the number of guns we own, but by the depth of peace in our hearts.
Now, more than ever, we need the courage and compassion to believe, to live, love, and work as men and women of nonviolence. All of us need the courage to make our acts of nonviolence not simply words, but realities in our daily lives. When we have one billion living examples of the power of nonviolence, we will have re-instilled our pride in peace.

Sign up. Stand up for Nonviolence.
We truly believe there is No Higher Calling!