Meet our team of dynamic individuals, all of whom deeply care about creating Sri Sri’s vision of a stress-free, violence-free society.


  • We are a dream team – consisting of start-up company founders, digital marketers, social evangelists, producers, designers, attorneys, strategy consultants and kirtan-stars!
  • We meditate everyday – it is the fuel that keeps us going
  • We have volunteered 100K+ hours teaching programs to make this world happier
  • Our love for all life and desire for good health has led us to be vegetarians
  • We are women powered!! We outnumber the men 4:1!!
  • We are “Made in NYC” with satellite offices throughout the country
  • We are aware that we live in the “Matrix” – at least some of us are
  • Our day-shift starts at 6pm EST and our night-shift at 1am EST – you get the idea!
  • We can be found anywhere at any time asking people to commit to acts of nonviolence



After the Newtown tragedy, in November 2012, Rajshree Patel, a senior faculty with the Art of Living, felt compelled to create a movement to address the violence plaguing our country and taking the lives of our young people. Inspired by Sri Sri’s message of having pride in peace and non-violence, she began working with a small team to develop a practical and meaningful solution to address violence and to allow the voice of non-violence to be heard. That vision has grown into a national movement.
No stranger to violence, Rajshree was born in Uganda, where she, her mother and her siblings escaped the brutal Idi Amin regime. They eventually landed in a small town in Indiaseparated from the rest of their family while her father escaped to America under a political asylum program. Years later, when Rajshree turned ten, her family was united in New York. Although they had lost all their possessions and she spoke no English, Rajshree prospered in her new country where she excelled academically, worked her way through college and graduated from St. John’s University Law School Rajshree worked for years as a successful prosecutor, but says her life didn’t truly begin until she
in 1987. Rajshree worked for years as a successful prosecutor, but says her life didn’t truly begin until she left her law practice and started her career of service to humanity through the Art of Living.
Rajshree has personally instructed hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. She has taught large programs in prisons, undertaken philanthropic work of transforming villages and inner cities by supporting value based educational programs in schools, on college campuses and for at risk-youth.
For Rajshree, NONVIO is about seeing and recognizing the life in ourselves, in others, in situations – when we do that, there is no choice but to go back to our core nature which is love, compassion, connection, non-violence…

it is no wonder that NONVIO is her calling!